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Asthe therapist for sex, I’ve had theprivilege of sitting withthousands upon thousands of mentotalk abouttheir sexualexperiences, sex lives,andfantasies.It’s true that I don’t understandwhat it’s like tobe aman and yet, I’veenjoyed listeningtothe male perspective onsexualrelations.Everymale is unique Therearesome universal themes that can be found:

1.The body isfirstarea where you’ll discoveryour sexual partners.

While women’s desire for sexcan be triggeredby their minds, memory, oremotional feelings of connection however, the reason men want to be sexually activeis physical.Men are blessed with massive amounts oftestosteroneflowing throughtheir bodies pushingthem toward sexual expression.Young men are more prone tosexual provocation at the smallest of occasions.For a mature man, he reacts to theglance of his spouseorwifenaked in the shower.It is hard to overestimatehow his body’s chemistryis directing his mind’s mind towardsthe sexual.

2.For men, sexual activity is an opportunityto satisfy theirdesires.

sex for couples tobefull.However,his need forsex is not unlikecraving chocolates:Every sexual experience offersthechanceof asurprise-filled confection — maybe creamy smooth,or buttery rich, or perhapseven a bitraw and bittersweet or sweet and silky.The mind is constantly captivatedby theidea of anchance to be thrilledand amazed.A day would not be completewithout dessert.Even though the current state ofthe relationship,for example,an argumentwith his wife, canaffect hisappetite,

3.Sexuality isan energy source.

The sexualitycreates excitement and potentialinintimate relationships.Itisan activeandaggressivedriven to fulfillhis goal in lifeandto pursue his love interest.Heperseveres through everyday monotony, lured by the promiseofa sexual rewardat night.

4.Sex is an exciting thing.

It’s life’s most thrilling adventure.His body is an amazingenjoyment machine that he’d liketoexperience at full speed.Orgasm isgenerally secureand why men loves romantic sex?  a variety sexual acts that are performed in different positions, rhythms, and positions seemsto bea great methodtoenhance his enjoyment.Everykiss smile, smile or shapely body orsexualimages, whether imaginedornot, isan instant hit forthe male brain.The brainwaves of men’s brains are heightened with excitementwhen he sensessomething or someone that remindshim ofsexual activity.

5.Heshows love through sex.

The moment that his partner getsattracted is usuallythemoment that men define asthe mostsexually satisfying.It’s puzzling for men whenthey’re calledselfishdue to their needfor sexual intimacy.Their hearts are filled withthe expectationofan intimate, mutualsexualpleasure.Heimagines and invents variousways tomake her smile while requesting information onher sexual desires, soto bemore attractive to her.

6.Sex is love.

Sexual releasecan make men feellike they’re home.After the world’s hurtsandstruggles, sex is a symbol ofthe love and affection of a man and also providespeace and comfort.Although some might accuse himthat he only wants sexmost men are seeking and feelingmore than justphysicalrelease.Thefeeling of fallingin loveresults in a strongfeelingconnectednessto the person he is with.It also boostsfaithandoptimism.The mostcalming aspectof a romantic sex sought-after by the other.

While many women might wishfor an emotional connection prior tomaking a physical connection and for men, a sexual connectionisusually neededto feel secure enough foremotional vulnerability.The fact is, the male’s sexual driveinan intimate relationship is a giftthat is an additional pathtowardsromance.

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