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Do you want to turnhim crazy inthe bedandspice upyoursexuallifewith a littlesexual activity?Here’s your chance.All youneedto do isacethese hot sex roles thatwe know men totally love.To make sure that their lady loveiscontent and happywith their sex, theyhave a tendency to spend the majority of theirtime on their beds.Now it is your turntorepay the favor.You are able to reversethe roles andget your partnerto join the party.Since sex-related positions play avital role, here are the hottestsex positions that men love.These aren’t the boring,routine missionary jobs.Check out the details to find outthe details!

1.Womanat thetop

This is theone. man loves it This lets you be ontop of the heap and lead. men love this position Males love itwhenthe woman isdominatingthesex scene.You’ll be jealousof the womanin the lead.Youcan setthe paceto suityourneeds. Sloworquick.Keepthe playeron the edge of his seat.

2.The reversecowgirl’s position

best position for couples The reverse cowgirlposeisyet another sex-related position thatmenadore.In thisone, the woman is onthe top of her head and sheis in front oftheman.Although it doesn’t involvea lotcontact the gentle stroking mightbe enough tomake your partnerengaged.You can stillkeep eye contact ifprefer, but you maybe able to simply glanceat yourpartnerandadd some spice.

3.The standing position

This can be perfectedafter acouple of tries.Standing is the position wherebothof youare standing , andthe mancomes infrom behind.You canmake the mostof your kitchenandtest this technique there.Bendforward and holdthekitchen platform while he penetratesyou.


Thisposition allows forlots of body contact, so it’s veryclose.You’ll have to layin a side-by-side position with the male.The man willhold your backas you look attheother.For a different option the possibility of turning alittle facing the man,so that he canwatch you duringsexual sex.

5.The Lap Dance

Who doesn’t like sex invarious locations!Get a wooden chair,andlie on top ofyourpartner while he’ssitting onthe chair.Thisposition will makethe knees weaker,regardless of whetheryou facehimor not.You’ll be thrilledtohold him close and bein completecontrol.This positionhas the addedbenefit of letting yoube able to watch your man andkiss him.

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