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Top Guidelines Of what kind of man does a woman looking for

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Some women are extremely selective. what kind of man does a woman want ?

But, the majority ofwomenhave what I callan open type this means thatthey areopenwithvarious types of menso long as they candraw her attentionto him fordifferent reasons(e.g.He is attractive, charismaticand confident.

You will often see menwith averageorbelow-average looking andpaired with beautifulwomen.Likewise, you will alsosee women having relationships withorgetting married to menfromallraces.

The Ultimate Kind of Man

A gentleman who is a good one is thekindof manalmost allwomenare drawn to.

  • She is confident around her andother people.
  • is masculine in the wayshis thoughts, feelingsandlives his life(i.e.If there’s a problemthere is a solution, he will find itandkeeps movingforward, rather than wastingtime in emotional turmoilas a woman).
  • Will loveherunconditionally and loveherasshereally is deep down instead of continuallytrying tochange herorchange her into beingmore like him.
  • She is able to guideher and him to greaterfeelings oflove, attraction and respect overthe course of.Rather thanexpecting her to staywith him for the restof her life simply becauseit was goodatthe beginning.
  • Has purpose in direction in life (i.e.Has a goal andan accurate vision of hisfuture.
  • In love with no fear andnot ashy or insecureperson.

Men of all ages can attractwomen.

While certain men are bornwith moreappealing looksthan others,thatdoesn’t mean they can’t attractwomen indifferentways.By being confident, exudinga masculine aura that makeswomen feelmore feminine, which makesthemlook and feel attractive, funny and charming, etc.

Thetruthabout attraction is thatthe majority ofwomen (not all) are moreinterestedanddrawn toa guy’s personality, behaviorandinner qualities make herfeel than they are on howhis appearance.

There arewomen whowant onlyan attractive man however, the majority ofwomen aremore what kind of man does a woman looking for  of manthey will accept.

This video willdemonstratewhy women are attracted bymen and how you can leverageit to makeyour guytheone they desire.

Intheabove video The kindsof menthat womenfind attractive come inall sorts ofsizes, shapes and colors.

For example, all oftheabove types of menwill attract women,evenif they don’t have malelook, lotsof money, or aren’ttall.

  • An alpha male.
  • Aman who is a mystery.
  • Acharmingman.
  • An overweight man.
  • Aman who is short.
  • Aman with a bald head.
  • Asexy man.

Truth is,no two men areexactly the same.

The men in question don’t havethe exact sameclothes or listen to exactly thesame music, or havethesame style of living.

“Whatkindofmen do women feel attractedto?”

Why?Itdoes not matter if women admireyou as a person , orbelieve that you are a good person.

Being nice towomenis anicechoice however, it onlyis important onceyou’vemade her feeldrawnto you.

It’snot enough just to bekind to her, sothat she is attracted toyourcompany.If youwant her to feelattracted to you, it’sall aboutdisplaying the personality traitsandbehavioursthatattract women naturally.

An example: A woman is likely tofeel drawn to you whenyouare able to make her laugh and are charming and confident, and havean attractive look.

However, if you interactwithan individual woman and seemasanxious, and you keepoff on making jokes becauseyou’reworried aboutbeing a jerkandyou makeher feelneutralaboutyou (rather than feminine), she’s naturally goingto be turned off byyour behavior.

Attraction isthe primaryandmost important. Everything elseis a natural progression.

You need to make womenfeel attractedby your manif you want to becomethekind of manthey are drawn to.

If youare able to make a womanfeel attracted,she willbe moreinclined toan affair with your partner,and maybe even becomingyourgirlfriend.

For instance: Ifan individual is passionateabout football and the womanwho he has met isn’t a fan offootball,thatdoes not mean she wouldn’twant to have sexwith him or becomehiswife ormarry him one day.

If the essentialfactor of sexual attraction isin place and she’s able torespectandappreciateyou as a man, then anysmall or minordifferences(likethe way you approachmusic or a different lifestyle)really do not matterto the majority ofwomen.

Infact when a woman entersengagedwith aman who lovesfootball,she’ll likelybekeen to attendgames with him or to watchcertain games on television for the sake of being able tohavetime with him.

She doesn’tneedto be afan of footballlikehis, but she shouldbe a fan and acceptit because it’ssomething that makes him smile.

Whatsort of men do womenare not fond of?

The imagealt=”Whatkindsofmalesdo womenlike?”data-ll-status=”loaded” data-fr-src=”https://www.themodernman.com/wp-content/uploads/what-kind-of-men-do-women-not-like.jpg”/>

Thekinds of men thatwomen generally dislikeare those who are:

  • Too nice.
  • Too shy or nervous.
  • There is no direction or purposeinour lives.
  • The lack ofcharisma and personality
  • A bit arrogant and selfish.
  • None of the alpha maleattributes.

The bestmost effective way to win overwomen is tojust bethenice guyyou are, butpossess a sense of humor.

With balls,you are confident, canbe assertivewhen you haveto, and havetheconfidence to deal withany challenges thatlifepresents.

Remember, however,to be thekind person youalready are.

A lot of guys getconfused as to what women actuallywant in men and iftheyspot a woman witha bad boy they believe that the majority ofwomenwant that.

There are womenout therewhoprefera bad boyfriend or lover However, most mendon’t have the same attitude. Theycontinue to be laid or have girlfriends andeventuallygetmarried.

Why?Mostwomenin this world justwould like a gentlemanwith enough couragetotackletheproblemsof life.

If a womangetsthe feeling that you are attractive,she will be naturally drawntowho you areandwill hopethatyour conversation with her leadstokissing, sex,relationships, and ultimatelyaffection.

It’s assimple as that.

If you can drawwomenin that way you’ll realizethatyou’re in factthetype of manwomenlike.

However, you were simplyineffective at attractingwomen and get them to sign up toyour causein the past.

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