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Detailed Notes on Things to do in Tauranga

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The Bay of Plenty has some of New Zealand’sbestsun, sand and sea.Taurangais locatedalong the sought-after coastline.Here you willdiscoverthe Mauao volcanoasand the breathtakingMount Maunganui beach.The localsrefer tothe beachgemas “the Mount”, because itoffers watersportsforthose who are adventurous, festivals for free-spirited people, and mouth-wateringfoodfor foodies.

Here are the best inTauranga andaround Tauranga. Things to do in Tauranga  areas.

Climb Mount Maunganui (Mauao) At Sunrise

Mount Maunganui sits across Tauranga Harbour from Tauranga and is an extinct volcano.Mauao in Maorimeans”caughtbydawn”.Therefore, it’sappropriate to take in allithas tooffer during the day.You can choose from severalwalksand typically takeabout anhour towalkthrough the pohutukawas.It’sa steep climb,but once youreachthe top,you’llbetreated to a 360-degree viewof Tauranga and the Bay of Plenty coastline.Mount Maunganui Beach & Pilot Bayare located on the mountain’s slopes. The views aretrulystunningfromevery angle.Relax and enjoy the sunrise while enjoyingan amazingbreakfastpicnic(coffeerequired).

Adventure Water Park – Get Splashed

{}McLaren FallsTauranga’s Waimarino Activity Parkprovides adrenaline-fueled fun.Just a 10 minutedrive from thecentreof Tauranga, you’ll be able to gettoa host ofactivitiesthat are spread outthroughoutthe Wairoa.There’s something foreveryone with climbing walls, rock climbingas well as a slipandslide.The Tarzan swing, water trampoline or the blob – a massiveinflatable thatrocketsyou intoa lake- are all available tothose who are brave enough.Waimarino alsohasevening glowworm Kayak toursinLake McLaren . It’s aspeacefulas itsounds .

Go Chasing Waterfalls

Every Kiwi summermustinclude ahiketoawaterfall.To start, headtowardsMcLaren Falls Park.Here, ashort 20-minutehike will leadyou throughcaves with glowworms as well asnativeforests.There are also a variety oftrails that runthrough the reserve, which coversaround 190 acres.So getoutthereandtake a stroll around.TheKaiate Falls, located 30 minutesfromTauranga, is nexton your agenda.Take the foresttrackto the top andgo down the valleyuntilreachingtheswimming hole. Thisis a great placeto take a dip in the afternoon.

Sailing a catamaranto thisuninhibited isle

You can drive alongthe coastuntilWhakatanewhich isyour starting point for athrilling day onthecatamaran.Set sailforMoutohora Island,a wildlife reservelocated offthe Bay of Plenty coast.If you’re luckyenough, you might see someunique native animalsalong the shoresuch asTuatara fur sealspenguins, Kakariki and Tuatara.Tosee moreof theamazingmarine lifethat inhabitsthe island, youcouldgo snorkeling.Enjoy the warmwater beachof the island, or relaxontheboat. It’san experiencetoremember.

The Dream Summer Festival

If youdon’t haveat least one summerspentin the Bay Dreams festivalBay Dreams, are youreallyanKiwi?These guys know how theydeliver a spectacularshow. CardiB was the headliner attheJanuary 2019 Bay Dreamsgig, performedBodak Yellow hits and wowa packedcrowd.Peking Duk was among theacts playingat the NewYear’s Festival2021.Bay Dreams will make Tauranga yoursummer destinationif you arelooking for a hot summervibe, a greatlineup,glitter,denimand camping.

These Stores Are Local!

Shopping in Tauranga Tauranga Shopping isaboutdiscoveringhidden treasures andstores that are independent.For those wholovethe Kiwi-made productsand havea design eye, paperplane concept stores iswheretogo.You’ll find aselection of fashion, lifestyleproductsandhousehold items.Our Place hostsvariousseasonal pop-ups throughoutthelocal area, rangingfromfashion to artand jewelry.Our Place centre is madefromshipping containers. Theintentionis toofferlow-cost retail spacesfor local entrepreneurs andartisans.

Picnic In Style On Mount Maunganui Beach

Are you looking to indulge in a bit ofluxury?You canindulge inthe luxury ofan outdoor picnic that is bohemianwith views of the ocean andMauao mountain.Bay Picnicsare able tooffer teepees that havelarge fluffy pillows, festoonlighting,comfy throwsandBluetooth speakers.This is the perfectlocationtocelebratea birthday orcelebration, or justhave a relaxingevening.Food is servedwithplates that featurelocal,raw, and veganproducts.It is possible toinclude flowers inyour picnic ifit isa romantic occasion likean engagement that you’ve always wanted to have.

Join the Markets

Taurangahas something unique to offerin terms of amarkets on weekends.The Little Big Markets are openevery Saturday.Youwill find awide rangeoffood and artisans.There’sall you require,from French crepestorainbow-shaved iceto locally madefood items.Foodiescannot miss theDinner in the Domain event, which isan annualgathering of thetopfood trucksin the area.Bubblewaffles,most delicious burgers, giganticpaellasand sweetdesserts.We’re swooningover thedelicious treats availableon offer atHello Rosie.Thisvegan junk foodconnoisseurisan expert inveganjunkfood.There’s also someamazing seasonal produceatthe Saturday Farmers Market.Thiswill make any cheeseboard moreattractive.

Moturiki Island, Walk

It is possible to walk aroundthisisland.Thesmall350-meterislandissituated adjacentto Mount Maunganui and connected viaawalkway bridge.The blowhole,whichsendswater out during high-tide is accessiblewhen you step ontothe island.Follow the walking trackupwards and you’ll be greetedwithsweepingviewsof the oceanas well asMauao and thecitycoastline.

Salt Water Hot Pools – Relax andunwind

Ifunwinding and relaxation areyourlist of priorities and you want to unwind, then a trip toMount Hot Poolsshouldbe on youragenda.The salt-water pool, which issituated against the backdrop of Mount Maunganuiis well-known for itshealingproperties.You will feel rejuvenatedafter asoak.You canarrangean exclusivemassageand pool foranadditionallevelofluxurious.

This Quaint Historic Village isa Must-See

It is possible tostep back in historybytaking a walkthroughcobbled streets andthe historicvillage .There aremany secretplaces, charmingcafes, andskilledartisansthat make it easytoenjoy the rest ofyour day.ThetinystudiosofTurner Gallery and Imprint Gallery areavailable forthose whoare enthralled byart.

Taste the delicious local food

Weare all aboutthefood we eat.Taurangahas a wide selectionoftasty drinks and snacksthat willmake you swoonthroughout theday.

Ground Zero Coffeeought tobean everyday stop oncoffee-aficionados’list.They are the Bay OfPlenty’sfirst Specialty Coffee Microroastery. Their coffeesincludeiced and flatwhites.Ifyou prefersomething sweet,thengo toYo and Co.They arean ice cream shop that specialisesinwaffles and savoury crepes.

The NourishedEatingisa greatchoice for health-conscious people withsweettooth.The cafe is a plant-based one thatis a great place to eatlocal, freshingredients.They areproud to bevegan andofferdairy-free and gluten-free choices.DeliciousWellness Bowl with herby hashbrows and smoky tomatoes sprouts, coconut tzatziki and sproutsmight be yourchoicefor breakfast.Sweet treats that are special likeNutella, custardanddouble chocolate browniesare availablefromThe Nourishing Bakker.

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