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Automatic Sliding & Swing Gates

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Auto Mate Systems Ltdoffer and install automatedsliding gatesthroughoutthe UK.These provide high security frompedestrian and vehiclesecurity. They are open 24 hoursandareutilized in conjunction with differentaccess control systems , includingswipe cards, proximitycards, intercomsandradio transmitters.

Automatic sliding gates are among themostcommon device to securea site by remote monitoredsurveillance cameras. In some cases,forinstance,the gate(s)could be controlledbya CCTV monitoring station inanother region in the country.automatic gateSliding gates are inherentlysecure due to the fact that thegatefunctions like a pieceof fencing, which thencan be moved to permit access.Aone-way sliding gatehas nothe naturalfulcrum(as the hingesoftheswing gatedo) and therefore cannotbesmashed or forced openby a frontal force.

A sliding gateis operated with adriven racking(steel barwithteeth made of steel or nylonorfixedwith a bar) that is poweredby a motor that hasthe cog that matches the geared,which is compatible with the teeth ofthe driverack. It isimperative to choosean appropriate motor that is poweredthat can be attached tothe gate, and also one thatallows for the quantityofjobs thatthegate’s sliding mechanism is expectedtoperformwithinonehour.Rememberthat sliding gates arenotquick moving machines and if you are experiencingan influx of people at the startand finish times,it’s worth considering lettingit openbrieftime periods or puttingthe gateset to a specific timer orwith a specificaccess control system.speak totheProjects team tocome up withthe most suitable and efficientoption for your site.

Thechoice of motoris the key to deciding the type ofracking that is used insliding gate production. Nylonteeth, nylon racking that is fittedto a steel angle , ismainly used on domestic typegatesto ensure quiet running.automatic sliding gateMod4steel racking is usedto support gate motors that can be capable ofmovinggates ofup to 2600 kilograms andMod6 steelracking is used forgateswith greater weights andup to 6000kg. Auto Mate Systems Ltd. can advise youabout the ideal motorsize, size, and racking requirement. It alsohas stock of all sizes.

Gates that slidecan be activated usingdifferent types of access controlequipment,includinga digital keypadorremote fobs for radiosaccess cards or proximity devicesnumber plate recognition, bio-metricreader, photocell oran induction loop. And, mostrecently, by mobile phoneconnection.

Whenconsideringhow to design a gate,it isvital that thoughtis given to the safety aspects.InAutomate Systems Ltd, weoffer full guidanceon every aspect of ensuringthat the rightgateis provided to fulfilyour requirements, while ensuringthat you receive the best quality serviceand installation, as well asthe testing of force uponthe installation.


Sliding gates with trackare constructed on a trackbuilt into the road.Gates are constructed usinga sturdy beam at theend of the gateinside of which are placedtwobearing wheels.They are affixed tothe rail, which allowsa very heavygate toslide backwards andforwards with ease. Thisprovides the opportunity forthe gate design to bemuch stronger and more sturdy, allowingthe gate’s width to beup to 12 metersand heights up to2.4metres.When coupled withthesturdy frame supporting the gate orportals, offers asturdy and securesliding gate.

Thesize of the clearancefor a tracked slidinggate isslightly less thanthat required for a cantileveredsliding gate asthe area for mounting theframe and motor willnotexceed 1millimetre.garage doorsThis would give a totalrun back area of thegate’s open area, in addition toone metre forgate support and motor. Itis imperativeto make sure that the running track issmooth and level.Any slope wouldnotonly triggerthe motor tooperate more intensely than it wouldbe designed to do but also could createdangers to safety,in the event of havingoperating the gate by hand.All these aspects are partto consider when designing a sliding gatesthatour highly qualified engineerswill discuss with youwhendesigning your trackedsliding gatesystem.

We can offer:

  • Installation and supplyof a fullyfunctionalandfully integrated automaticsliding gate.
  • A 12-month warrantyforall installations.
  • Different levels of maintenance contractsto suit your requirements(allat reasonable rates).
  • A design solution toyoursite’s specific needs.
  • Diagrams and technical details oninstallations of cables for our devices.
  • The specification of the materials you requireto assist you in yourdevelopment of your design.

To receive a quotefor an automaticsliding gate system , or toobtain more information aboutourautomated sliding gate systemsand other systemsyouareinterested in,pleasedo not hesitate to getto us by phone or fax

In a commercialor residentialproperty, ensuringsecurity isan absolute priorityof any property owner.You should have the requiredand proper security controls in placeat your property.

As gates are the principallocation of entry and exit so, careful consideration must beprovided when installing them. Modernsliding doors with auto-slidingarepopular choicesfor a varietyofhomes.YouAutomatedSliding DoorandSensor Door Systemsupplierwill help you obtaintheideal gatefor your properties as peryour requirements and budget.

Here are someadvantagesof installingsliding doors with auto-slidingandswing gates.

  • Convenience

Automated gateshave become popular all over the worlddue to their convenience.You do not needtoget out ofyourcarjust to close or unlock the gate.The system will be operatedcompletely automatically usingsoftware programs.You don’t haveto remember to closethe gateeachwhen you enterthe property.It will close automatically onceyour vehicle has entered.

  • Ensure Higher Security

If you choose to havean increased level ofsecurity,it is impossible to ignoremodern technology. Auto Sliding Gate and Auto Swing Gatemanufactures designandbuildthese systems with the helpof cutting-edge technology to ensurethe flawless security ofthe assets and your homes.Automated locks as well asintegrated safety beams are among the mostefficient features inthese gates.These gates are extremely securein comparison to themanual security of conventional safetyalternatives.

  • Enjoy More Durability

Modern sliding gatesare created and constructedto stand up towearing and tear.High-tech materials are employedin order to make them sturdyenough to last for a long time. They arespecifically designed to providehigh-end functionality and performance for the longestamount of time.

Enhance Visual Appeal

Whatever the case, whether it’s your residentialplace or commercial, stylish and appealing automaticsliding doorsare always a great way to enhancethecurb appealof thesame.TheAuto Sliding Gate and Auto Swing Gate Manufacturercan make custom gatesdepending on your designsandsize preferences.

SRTEC Automation offers a widerange of automatic gates,sliding doors as well as other formsofcommercial and industrialentrances. Weare able providetheproper style, dimensionanddesign as peryour preference. Our productswill ensureyour safety and securityyourresidence.They’re strong, durable stylish and reliable.

Please get in touch withusfor more details.

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